Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Testimonials from Hosts of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima

    We recently received a good number of written comments about our home visit apostolate with Pilgrim Virgin Statues of Our Lady of Fatima.

    Here are some comments regarding the visits from various hosts.

      Maureen  from Rockford, IL commented on events leading up to her visit. She wanted to let us know that two weeks before her visit, she was in the hospital with a mini-stroke.  She said that she believed Our Lady made her well enough to be able to welcome her into her home as scheduled.  She wrote, "Our Lady made sure that I would be home to greet her."

    Mr. and Mrs. Olsen from Roscoe, Il wrote, "I thought I knew all that there was to know about Fatima, we were surprised and inspired."

    Mary from South Beloit, Il wrote about how she and her guests really did not know what to expect.  She commented on how all were impressed with the knowledge and presentation of the custodian describing him "as, a first class gentleman.  Everyone was very glad that they were able to be present."  She was particularly happy to be able to crown Our Lady.

    Arlene from Crystal Lake, Il wrote about how blessed she felt to have Our Lady come to her home.  She noted one correction, not only does America need Fatima, but the whole world does.

    Now for some comments regarding our custodians:

    Joan of Algonquin, Il wrote, "Rex was very good, kind and informative, he was also very devout."

    Teresita of Rockford, Il wrote, "Rex has a vocation dedicated to spread the message of Our Lady of Fatima."

    Anita also from Rockford, Il wrote that the custodian arrived ill, but still continued and gave a wonderful presentation.  She also wrote, "we were very humbled and honored to have Our Lady's statue in our home.  She is beautiful!"

    If you would like to receive the tremendous blessings of having Our Lady in your home, please call our scheduling office toll free, at: (888) 460 - 7371.

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