Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Lady of Graces, Feast Day, June 9

Today, we celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Graces.

Hassiburg ordination 137

(Pictures of the statue of Our Lady of Graces at ANF headquarters in Spring Grove, PA, in winter.)

Hassiburg ordination 130

Why is this so important?

Because all graces come to us through Our Lady's intercession.  

Here are some beautiful quotes from Saint Louis de Monitor that explain the importance of this intercession.

"It is the nature of Jesus Christ to lead us to the Father. In the same way, it is the nature of the Blessed Virgin to lead us surely to Jesus."

" To go to Jesus through Mary is truly to honor Jesus Christ. It indicates that we do not esteem ourselves worthy of approaching His infinite holiness directly, that we need Mary to be our Mediatrix with Him, our Mediator. " 

"Mary adorns her clients  with her merits, assists them with her power, enlightens them with her light, and kindles them with her love. She imparts her virtues to them and becomes their security, their intercessor, and their all with Jesus. " 

" Mary is the sure way to go to Jesus and to find Him perfectly. It is through her that holy souls, who are to radiate holiness, must find Jesus !" 

" When the Holy Spirit finds Mary in a soul, He flies to it. He enters therein and communicates Himself to that soul  with abundance." 

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