Tuesday, January 26, 2010

From the email – comments, advise and requests

Wow!  I could barely put your Jan/Feb 2010 issue down!  From the EXCELLENT cover story of Col.John Ripley, to the great article on Lourdes, all the way to the last article on a Call to Gratitude, I was mesmerized by it all.  As a military daughter, Mom, and Mother, with two sons serving currently, I most especially appreciated the military mentions in your magazine. 

I know these brave men and women first hand from my life experience and I can attest to their superb character, strength and integrity as a group.  Most also have a strong faith in God, yet a belief that evil does exist and we either fight it or succumb to it. 

Sometimes Catholic publications downplay and even thwart the true call to service that our military takes on, but I am now a HUGE fan of Crusade magazine for their realization that "freedom is indeed not free" and we need to acknowledge those that "do the dirty work" to KEEP us free, many times making the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.  Thank you so much for this issue, it's a keeper!



Dear Men of Christ and defenders of marriage and the family.

Wow. I watched your videos.  Thank you so much for what you are doing.

Are you continuing the effort in other states where marriage is being attacked?

I would like to keep up to date on what you are doing.

I plan to help by making a donation also.  You give me courage. 

I was involved in helping get support for the marriage amendment that was passed in Wisconsin in 2006.  And this year our governor passed a domestic partnership law and now there is a court battle to determine if this is unconstitutional.

God Bless you all

Thank you for your defense of marriage, moral truth and our Catholic faith.



I was recently made aware of your organization and I wanted to let you know that I back you 100%

You are very righteous in your cause and I believe 
that you are right.

If you could please send me any information as to how I 
could contribute would be appreciated.  Please  keep up the good fight and the good work.

You are all in my prayers.


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