Monday, April 27, 2009

Grueling week for TFP Student Action members in New Hampshire and Maine

This past week was grueling for TFP Student Action members traveling in New Hampshire and Maine, defending traditional marriage – God’s marriage.

Facing rude and sometimes violent opposition, traveling from city to city without a fixed place to eat or sleep can be grueling work, but when the cause is so noble, the hardship is no longer a burden. It is a privilege and an honor to defend the truth. That’s how the eight TFP volunteers traveling with me considered the task at hand.

Here are some campaign highlights:

Concord, New Hampshire:

After a pro-traditional marriage rally with over 500 participants was held at the State-house, a furious homosexual “marriage” advocate tore up a Bible in our faces while pronouncing anti-Catholic slurs. It was shocking to see this fellow just tearing up the Bible, throwing its pages in our face. Read the full report

Watch video footage of the shocking Bible desecration

After you watch the video, send your comments to I would like to hear from you. And feel free to send the video to your friends.

From Augusta, Maine:

“There were so many people honking for traditional marriage that it was like the home team just won a game.” That is how a local resident of Augusta described the climate on the street after the TFP started campaigning for traditional marriage. The American people oppose same-sex “marriage” far more than the media wants us to believe. Read the full report

From Portland, Maine:

Shortly after we started campaigning in downtown Portland, a man in a pickup truck honked his horn for several seconds, rolled down his window and said: “Hey! I own property on this street. If they give you trouble here, come and stand on my property for a whole month!” Read the full report

From Nashua, New Hampshire:

“Thank you for doing this. It’s about time that I see real men,” said one resident from his vehicle visibly pleased with the TFP presence. “Same-sex ‘marriage’ is harmful because it will attract the wrath of God.” Read the full report

Please pray that America will resist the imposition of same-sex “marriage.”

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