Thursday, May 14, 2009

Research finds pro-homosexual clubs at 96 Catholic colleges

TFP petition: "Save Our Catholic Identity"

When you drop a frog into boiling water, it jumps right out. But when you put the same frog in lukewarm water and increase the temperature slowly, the frog cooks to death without reacting.

Using the slow-cooking approach, the homosexual movement has been able to establish pro-homosexual clubs at 96 Catholic universities in the United States.

That's 45% of the Catholic universities. Here's the full report.

You see, many of these clubs sponsor events that promote the homosexual movement's radical agenda, while gagging 2,000 years of Catholic moral teaching.

Catholic students who thirst for the truth are confronted with visible, active and well-funded clubs that openly contradict natural law and unchangeable Church teaching.

For example:

According to reports, a "Trans-gender Awareness Week" was held at Jesuit-run Seattle University during Lent. The event promoted a "Trans-gender Bible" study and encouraged students to dress in "gender bending outfits."

What can we do about these grave scandals?

TFP Student Action is rushing to collect 100,000 petitions, urging the presidents and authorities of Catholic universities to reclaim true Catholic education by disbanding these clubs and activities.

But I am counting on your help to launch the petition.


  1. Join the "Save Our Catholic Identity" petition. Sign it now.
  2. Spread the word.  Make this campaign snowball successfully by inviting your friends to participate.
  3. Pray and offer sacrifices for the restoration of Catholic higher education.

Do petitions really work? The answer is: YES.

Thanks to prayerful petitions like this one, the annual "Queer Film Festival" at the University of Notre Dame did not take place this year.  Other Catholic campuses also banned performances of the lewd "V-Monologues."

So please help defend moral values right now by:

  1. Joining TFP's prayerful petition: "Save Our Catholic Colleges."
  2. Forwarding this email to all your friends, and
  3. Praying for the restoration of Catholic higher learning.

See the list of Catholic colleges with pro-homosexual clubs here.

TFP Student Action - 1358 Jefferson Rd, Spring Grove, PA 17362 - (717) 225-7147 ext. 229

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