Thursday, June 17, 2010

Catholics in Austin Texas Plan Public Rosary and Act of Reparation

If you live in the Austin area, or know someone who does, there will be an act of reparation for the blasphemous insult to Our Lady at the City Theater on Saturday, July 3rd @ 7:30 PM.  

The peaceful protest of reparation will consist of praying the rosary and offering prayers of reparation for the blasphemous play, " The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told." 


The City Theater, 3823 Airport Blvd., Suite D,   Austin, TX 78722.


Saturday, July 3rd @ 7:30 PM.  


In reparation for the blasphemous play, " The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told." 

As you may know, this play offends God-fearing people in general and Catholics in particular by referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary as a lesbian.

“I wanted the Garden of Eden in Central Park, and Mary as a lesbian mother, which would certainly help me comprehend immaculate conception.” (The New York Times, 12/6/98)

It is also presents a homosexual version of the Bible, with scenes of “Adam and Steve” in full frontal nudity.

Attendees are welcome to bring signs and/or banners as long as they fall in line with the message of the Catholic Faith.  Lastly, attendees must not block traffic or impede anyone from entering/exiting any of the businesses in the area, including the Theater.

Also, please pray for the City of Austin and Travis County Texas which continue to publicly fund abortions and recently passed an ordinance that effectively harasses crisis pregnancy centers in the City of Austin.  The local faithful are hoping that the new Bishop of the Austin, his Excellency Joe Vasquez will consecrate the City of Austin to The Immaculate Heart of Mary.

For additional information on the Protest of Reparation please contact Kenneth Mora @ (512) 282-8537. 

And please remember, Kenneth is on our side.

He is NOT a promoter of blasphemy, but a defender of Our Lady’s honor.

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