Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feminist wants fathers jailed

The Luxemburg Parliament is poised to legalize abortion on demand.

A feminist Member of Parliament also wants to jail fathers who say “I want my baby to live”

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Abortion, in some cases, was legalized in Luxembourg in 1978.

Today, the Luxembourg Parliament is set to vote on a new radical draft law introduced by the government that would:

• Essentially legalize abortion on demand.

• Suppress parental authorization for minors.

• Shorten the reflection period after an abortion consultation to JUST 3 DAYS.

Even scarier

An alternative bill has been introduced by a feminist Member of Parliament that would:

• Jail those who counsel expecting mothers NOT to abort, and even...

• Fathers to be would go to jail if they counsel the mother to spare their unborn child.

Both bills are terribly anti-life, and may be voted on as early as July 15, so please sign and send your pro-life petition to the Luxembourg Parliament NOW.

I defend the rights of the unborn!

Important:  Your instant e-protest will be sent to all 60 members of the Luxembourg Parliament.  So, with the simple click of a button, you will reach not one, but all 60 policy makers.  It takes only a few seconds to fill out and send your e-petition.

And your e-petition states in clear terms that:

By voting on the new abortion bill, The Members of Parliament will either become Defenders or Executioners of the unborn.

There's no third position.

It's that simple.

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The Luxembourg Members of Parliament need to hear from you today.

DO NOT LEAVE THIS PAGE until you have raised your voice in defense of innocent unborn children!


This new bill is nothing more than Abortion on Demand hidden behind the relief of “social distress.”

In other words, if a woman alleges "social distress" as a reason she wants to abort, her abortion becomes legal.

Now "social distress" can mean just about anything.  Which translates into more babies killed.

That's why I am telling you that this new bill is nothing more than Abortion on Demand.

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