Friday, June 18, 2010

Will the Rosary save us?

The Rosary saved Austria from Communism in 1955.

Our 2010 Public Square Rosary Rallies can do the same for America as Austria’s public Rosary walks did in the years following the Second World War.


God’s wish is to establish devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as THE solution for the sins and impurity of this world.

Our Public Square Rosary Rallies are the "divine solution" for our nation’s deepening problems.

I'm inviting you to answer God's call and be a vital part of the divine solution as a Rally Captain.

Our Lady is also inviting you and asking you to pledge yourself to her and the "divine solution."

Austria in 1955 is an example of how easily the "divine solution" can happen.

You can read the entire story of the miracle Our Lady performed in Austria.

Expelled by the Rosary

And you'll see how easily we can achieve something just as wonderful for our own country for America through our Rosary Rally Crusade.

Will you please help God's wish become a growing reality by becoming a Rally Captain?


It's so easy to do. 

Just take your Rosary, the sign we send you, and then stand in a public spot on October 16th with family and friends and pray. That's it!

Please pray on this decision. 

When you decide to become a Rally Captain - and I pray you do - you'll have all the free resources you need to do a nice rally for Our Lady.  

FREE rally resources for download

So, please make your personal pledge to Our Lady and become part of the "divine solution."

And I want you to know that one red rose for each Rally Captain will be taken to Fatima in October 2010.  This is another way to show how our Public Square Rosary Rallies are growing each year along with devotion to Our Lady.


Because together we can repeat history ... for America this time ... and help accelerate "the triumph of My Immaculate Heart!"

On the website you'll find more details and how we'll help you have a successful, easy, and fulfilling Rosary Rally on October 16, 2010.

FREE rally resources for download

And remember, as a Rally Captain we'll take a red rose to Fatima on your behalf this October.

See the beautiful picture of the trip to bring red roses from previous year’s rally captains to Fatima.


Our Lady asked for prayer, penance and sacrifice for the conversion of sinners. The Rosary is the prayer. Standing in a public place is the penance.

She's waiting for your pledge to be a Rally Captain.

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