Monday, June 28, 2010

Shocking abortion news from Scotland

I’m writing to you firstly as a parent, then as an Irishman living in Scotland.

In nearly every health premise I've entered there are ads for 
free (abortive) morning after pill, no age asked, no ID asked for just some initials of the surname or first name as in needle exchange type monitoring.

So this monitoring is for statistical purposes 'only'.

Surely there must be someone out there collating and writing on this information/research, thereby presumably getting paid for it.

I worked in Obs & Gynae for 6 years and let me tell you, everyone needs to wake up and  smell the coffee.

Abortion is big business.  The surgical team gets paid.  The Anesthetic team gets paid.  The Nursing staff gets paid.

The placentas are stored and sold abroad where hormones and other items are extracted from them either for research or retail to Pharmaceutical Companies, for profit, of course.

Appalling and barbarically the same happens to aborted babies.  They are dissected or sold whole for research or keep in the lab of the aborting hospital and studied and on some occasions  exhibited as in The Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

If you or any of your readers wish for more info or anything on the importance of saving these tiny lives, feel free to pass on my email address to those you might trust.

Yours most sincerely,

S O, Scotland

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