Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prayer vigil invitation

If you live in the Oklahoma City area, or know someone who does, there will be an act of reparation for the blasphemous insult to Our Lady at the AKA Gallery:

Where: In front of the:

A.K.A. Gallery
3001 Paseo
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

When: 9am, Saturday, June 19th 

Why: In reparation for a blasphemous exhibit against Our Lady

We will be praying a rosary for the souls of the operators of the gallery, as well as the artist.  But, above all, we’ll be offering prayers of reparation for this sin of blasphemy against Our Blessed Mother.

Attendees are welcome to bring signs and/or banners as long as they fall in line with the message of the Catholic Faith.

Lastly, attendees must not block traffic or impede anyone from entering/exiting any of the businesses in the area, including the gallery.


Some people are confused about the role of America Needs Fatima member, Mr. Lou Scheidemantel.

See, he’s been fielding a lot of phone calls from people who think he is the one holding the blasphemous art exhibit instead of the one organizing the protest vigil. 

He’s on our side. (Cell: 405-274-6278)

So, please hold the “friendly fire.”

And, as I said before, if you can join this prayerful event, please do. Otherwise, kindly forward this message to people you may know in the Oklahoma City area.

PS - There’s still time to tell the AKA Gallery to STOP BLASPHEMING Our Lady with this impure exhibit at the AKA Gallery in Oklahoma City.

Send your instant e-protest now.

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