Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shocking blasphemy against Our Lady and how to oppose it

Please tell them to STOP BLASPHEMING Our Lady with this impure exhibit at the AKA Gallery in Oklahoma City

Send your instant e-protest now.

BUT DO NOT read further if you think you will be too deeply injured by this blasphemy.

But I deeply regret to tell you that Our Lady is being blasphemed by an exhibit showing her holding a knife, a gun, and a handgrenade amid ads for lingerie at the AKA Gallery in Oklahoma City.

According to press reports, "the weapons being held by the Virgin Mary in Artus" art are embroidered in rose or yellow. The artwork also features vintage ads promoting products for women such as lingerie and hair nets.

"For example, one picture of the Virgin Mary holding a pink-embroidered small h a n d g u n is surrounded by sections of a vintage Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie newspaper ad touting the promotion line "Make Her Over to Please You."

This is blasphemy … completely beyond the pale, and deserves your immediate protest and reparation.

Send your instant e-protest to the AKA Gallery now.

Thankfully, local members of America Needs Fatima are speaking out against the blasphemous exhibit and have asked for our prayers and support for their prayerful protest in front of the AKA Gallery.

If you are in the area, or know someone who lives in Oklahoma City, please tell them about this prayerful protest and act of reparation. For details, please call Mr. Lou Scheidemantel at 405-274-6278.

But this exhibit is just too much. Here's a link to the article about the exhibit, but please read with CAUTION.


Above all, let's storm heaven with acts of reparation and spread this protest to devout Catholics worldwide.


Satan would love us to become callous to the growing number of blasphemies against Our Lady, and to do nothing when we witness them. We cannot let that happen. To frustrate the Evil One's plans, please send this crusade of peaceful protest and reparation to your friends.

Contact info:
A.K.A. Gallery
3001 Paseo
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
ph: 405-606-2522

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