Thursday, June 24, 2010

Protest to the 60 Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister and the ministers concerned:


The defense of the unborn child should be total!

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The message says:

Protest to the Members of Parliament:

Dear Member of Parliament,

The planned introduction of the so-called “Social Indicators” is nothing more than Abortion on Demand. It leaves the unborn child totally unprotected.

This is being done under the pretext of diminishing the number of abortions.

However, only a total prohibition – and not a liberalization – of abortions can stop the flowing of innocent children’s blood.

Together with the introduction of “Social Indicators”, obligatory counseling is also being approved.

This obligatory counseling will not stop the killing of unborn children. It is just a camouflage.

I hereby vigorously protest against this planned liberalization of abortion and demand:

Immediately: no indicators for abortions!

Ultimately: the total prohibition of abortion!

You have a free choice: you will either become a murderer of the unborn child or its protector.

Do not be a murderer!

Very cordially yours,

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