Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Generation of Monsters

by John Horvat II

Everyone can agree that the horrific massacre of innocent grade-school children in Newtown, Conn. was truly monstrous.  It was an event that defies the imagination to conceive how someone might do something so cruel and inhuman.  Worse yet, this is not an isolated incident.  Similar cases are occurring with greater frequency, prompting many to ask what is to be done.

While many will admit that all these shootings are monstrous, few will call these gunmen what they are – monsters. The descriptions that the media circulate generally describe these young men as quiet loners, misunderstood students, misfits, mentally disturbed individuals or other such labels that somehow imply a profound mystery deep inside their souls that we really cannot understand.

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  1. When coming out of Mass this past week I heard someone say"How could God allow something like this to happen"..I told her Children no longer are allowed to say the "Lords Prayer" at the beginning of each school day..Manger scenes are now banned in many public places..Under God " in the "Pledge of allegiance is no longer Politically correct Why you even can't say Merry Christmas any more without fear of offending someone. The 10 Commandments are being taken down from courthouse walls so as not to offend. ..Well How could have God prevented something like this from happening if HE was not THERE..President Obama said "WE as a country have to change..I think in the wake of "Political correctness" and the quest for "Civil Liberties" We as a nation have lost some "Common Sense" and Good Judgement. What ever happened to "One Nation Under God"? This senseless violence goes a lot deeper than Gun Control and Mental Health issues..The very fabric of American Society has been compromised through the breakdown of the Family..But that is another story