Monday, December 17, 2012

PHOTOS -- Marvelous Christmas Open House at TFP-America Needs Fatima

Here are some photos of yesterday’s marvelous Christmas Open House at TFP-America Needs Fatima.  Every year, more and more people attend.  See the beautiful atmosphere:


Saint Nicholas was a great hit.


A Christmas theater skit by the boys from Saint Louis de Montfort Academy.


The place was lit up and merry.


The band played live Christmas music.


The nativity scene was very colorful.


Home made goodies were in the dining hall.

One of the participants wrote this about his expectation to attend the TFP Open House:

“If I can go into a marvelous ambiance, be among well-dressed people with good manners, have intelligent conversation, listen to live (non-synthesized) music, eat some smoked salmon, etc., I will be a happy man.

“Even if it happens only once or twice a year, the potency of the conviviality, good cheer, and Faith enriches my life for the year. It funds, sustains, and empowers me.

“You can have rock stars, actors, celebrities, talk show hosts, gurus, and the rest of the pop culture. I highly recommend this. This is not snobbery. (That is what happens with pseudo-elites like the present administration, its minions, celebrity-supporters, and media attain power.)

“As the fencing instructor here, I can tell you that this is a microcosmic, organic society and hierarchy that works, and to be part of it is to feel fulfilled. Downton Abbey hints at it.  But this is real.  This works.  It is marvelous.”

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  1. How nice to see the return of some culture to our society!!

    God Bless you.

    An American friend from Fatima, Portugal