Monday, December 31, 2012

Defend Innocent Life!


If You Cannot Come
In Person To The March For Life
In Washington, DC, We’ll March For You…

Just go here
and enter your name.
I’ll add it to our banner and we’ll carry it for you.


If you can’t make it to the National March For Life in Washington, D.C., on January 25th, then we’ll march for you.

Just enter your name on this page. And I’ll have it printed onto our banner and carry it down Pennsylvania Avenue for you just like we did last year…(IMPORTANT NOTE: to have time to organize and print the names on this year’s banner, we must insist on a submission deadline of 8 AM, Monday, Jan. 21)

Two ANF “daughters" carrying your names down
Pennsylvania Ave in the 2012 March For Life.

See, this way you will be marching in spirit. You will be part of the more than 300,000 pro-lifers marching in our nation’s capital, making an incredible statement to our political leaders in defense of the innocent unborn.
With an added benefit…

  1. Since the mainstream liberal media almost always ignores the March For Life, I’ll cover it for you. And then, after the March, we will send you pictures of the banner with your name on it being carried in the March, and
  2. we will place the banner on our site as a PDF, and send you the link, and you can pull up the PDF, and find your name on the banner by just holding down the ‘control’ key and tapping the ‘f’ key (ctrl + F).
In fact, we’ll carry your name down Pennsylvania Avenue right up to the Supreme Court building.

MFL 2012: over 40 Minutes in front of Supreme Court
with prayers and slogans on your behalf

That way, your name on our banner becomes a big morale booster. Because people at the March will see your name and the thousands of names from all across the world “marching” right next to them.

So please say…

Yes! Please march for me.

It will be an honor to march for you, for the unborn, for the future of America. God bless!

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