Monday, December 31, 2012

Website Helps Dutch Catholics "De-Baptiz​e" Over Same-Sex "Marriage"

Reuters: Thousands of Dutch Catholics are researching how they can leave the church in protest at its opposition to homosexual “marriage”, according to the creator of a website aimed at helping them find the information.


  1. You can never remove the ingrained mark of Baptism. Instead of leaving the Church, fight against these abominations from within. The Catholic Church is the true Church, so donot leave, stand up for the Truth from within. Veronica

  2. Stand together within the Catholic faith with the Pope. The devil is hard at work trying to destroy and unless we prayer together the church will be divided and that is exactly what evil wants. Find a conservative Catholic church with traditional values and support it and the liberal ones will follow. The church has had many human scandals and they have been overcome but with many prayers and devotion to the Blessed Mother. Remember we will not be abandoned. We will grow from within with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.