Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Call to Action Against This Vile Insult to the Blessed Mother

Very disturbing: please read with caution.

Please Send Your Immediate E-Protest Against A Play That Refers To Our Lady As A Lesbian!

The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told is being shown at m.a.d. Theatre of Tampa, Inc., in Tampa, FL, and this blasphemous play is a vile insult to the Mother of God! – because she is insulted as a lesbian!

Send your respectful e-protest message

Press reports have said that The Most

Fabulous Story Ever Told

  • portrays Our Lady as a lesbian
  • presents a homosexual version of the Old Testament, with scenes of “Adam and Steve” in full frontal nudity

Yes, that’s right.

According to City Pages: “Contrary to church doctrine, the Virgin Mary turns out to be a flaky lesbian...Adam, Steve, and company have gathered in a Chelsea loft to celebrate Christmas and a second immaculate conception.”

And according to The New York Times, the playwright himself is a homosexual, and this is how he describes his play:

“I wanted the Garden of Eden in Central Park, and Mary as a lesbian mother, which would certainly help me comprehend immaculate conception.”

m.a.d. Theatre’s online description adds:

“…it dissects history, relationships, gay politics and the mystery of faith. A cast of ten will perform the two couples and other roles, including the Pharaoh, a paraplegic lesbian rabbi, and a Stage Manager who is, after all, God.”

So please speak up for Our Lady’s honor.

Send your online protest against this horrible play.

Instead of remaining silent, we must prayerfully protest this play, always legally and peacefully. By doing so we show the Blessed Mother that we care, and that we love Her, and that we will defend Her holy honor.

E-Protest Now!

On behalf of the Virgin Mary’s honor, please join me in this protest.

To pledge to pray a rosary in reparation, please go here.

Taking a Principled, not a Personal Stand, On Homosexuality


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