Monday, May 5, 2014

Assimilate​d To God Himself

What is the splendor of the stars? What the
beauty of all creatures, when placed in
comparison with the excellence of a
soul adorned with divine grace,
and thus assimilated to
God Himself?

Photo of Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue
“Learn of Me, for I am meek and humble of heart,
and ye shall find rest for your soul.” Matthew 11:29

The Voice of Jesus
Know, then, thy dignity, man, who, by sanctifying grace, art raised even to the likeness of God, and becomest more exalted than the whole world, so that naught of earth can be compared to thee.

The Voice of the Disciple
Let others seek after silver and gold, honor and distinction, the joys of this world and its consolations: taught by Thee, Lord, this alone do I desire above all else, to preserve Thy grace, and to increase therein all the days of my life.

…eavesdrop on the colloquy here

(a 7.5 minute read…enjoy!)

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be our hearts’ desire!

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