Monday, May 19, 2014

Satanic Black Mass Stopped: How God Won at Harvard

By John Ritchie

What few people thought even remotely possible happened:  The "satanic black mass" at Harvard University was unexpectedly canceled on May 12. 

A grave sacrilege was averted.  Lucifer lost.  God won.  The Virgin Mary and Saint Michael the Archangel were victorious against this open and brazen attempt to mainstream the darkest sort of evil at America's oldest Ivy League university.

But why was a black mass even considered in the first place?  Why did a student club invite the Father of Lies to sow darkness in Harvard's renowned halls of higher learning?  When did sacrilege against God become an "educational" enterprise?   And what real and effective measures will Harvard officials now take to ensure that something so outrageous does not reoccur in the future?

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