Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Notre Dame Kicks TFP Volunteers Off Campus

The Catholic University of Notre Dame shuts down pro-marriage table on campus

Please sign your peaceful complaint to Notre Dame here

A chill went down my spine as the Notre Dame police officer came up and said:

"Cease and desist!"

So there we were. Peacefully talking to students. Giving them pro-marriage handouts.

Get this:

Permission for the pro-marriage table had been granted in advance through an officially recognized student group that wanted us to promote true marriage on Our Lady's campus. And prior to setting up the table, I even called the Police Department on campus and got the green light.

But for some strange reason, that approval was soon revoked by "higher ups."

"You only have permission for the table," insisted the police officer, "but you can't man the table. You need to leave."

It became clear to me that liberal professors and students at Notre Dame wanted to really shut down our conversation. You see, the only message they seem to tolerate happens to be diametrically opposed to 2,000 years of Church teaching.

That's how our table to promote traditional marriage at the Catholic University of Notre Dame was shut down.

And that's why I'm writing to ask you to...

Please sign your peaceful complaint to Notre Dame here

If anything, the voice of true marriage should be boldly proclaimed from the Golden Dome of Notre Dame. Not silenced, shut down and banished.

I think your message to Notre Dame will have a positive impact. Lots of good students who go there will take notice and appreciate your concern. Above all, your voice will reinforce the sacred truth that God made marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

Thank you so much for caring and please share this urgent alert with all your friends.

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