Monday, October 8, 2018

The underlying motive of Columbus' voyage

The underlying motive of Columbus' voyage was the conversion of those
who did not know Christ as the living Son of God Who became the Son of Mary. 
His favorite prayer, said in Latin, was
Jesu cum Maria sit nobis in via, which means
"May Jesus with Mary be with us on the way." 
For Columbus this way meant both the voyage through time into eternity
and the voyage in time to bring Mary's faith in her divine Son
to a still unbelieving world.

Fr. John A. Harden, S.J.


  1. Thank you- please edit your caption on your web site, as you have spelled "Mission" incorrectly. Best wishes.

  2. Columbus has sometimes been condemned by moderns as obsessed with gold. He did indeed hope to find gold on his voyages, but his motive (as he revealed to Queen Isabella) was to ransom the Holy Land from the Turks. All this is explained in the excellent "Life of Christopher Columbus" by Dr. Barry, which has been reprinted by Loreto Publications.