Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Expert: Chilean volcano could continue for weeks, months, even years...

I have a hard time not to link the Chilean volcano with the recent blasphemous burning of the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Patroness of Chile.

According to an article from Reuters:

"Luis Lara, a government geologist, said he did not expect a catastrophic collapse of the volcano, and said any eventual lava flow would not reach the town. But a cloud of dense, very hot material could coat the surrounding area.

"The activity could continue for quite some time," he said. "It could be weeks, months. It could even be years, but not with the same characteristics -- with ups and downs."

Let us pray that Chileans and all Catholics worldwide, offer prayer and sacrifice in reparation.  I'd be willing to bet my bottom dollar on one thing: if thousands in Chile took to the streets praying the Rosary and asking God's pardon for the blasphemous burning, through the intercession of Our Lady, the volcano would go silent.

What do you think?

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