Friday, May 9, 2008

Miracle from Our Lady of the Pillar...

The miracle that we are going to relate happened to Miguel Juan Pellicer.  It is fully known thanks to a great deal of information preserved in the archives of the parish in Calanda (in the province of Aragon, in the north of Spain), which a courageous person protected from the pillage and destruction during the civil war in 1936.

Miguel Juan Pellicer received Baptism on March 25, 1617. He was the second of eight children of poor farmers who led a virtuous life. The only instruction the child received was catechism. This basic religious formation planted in him a simple and solid Catholic faith, based on regular reception of the sacraments and an ardent and filial devotion to the Virgin Mary, venerated in Zaragoza under the title of «Nuestra Señora del Pilar» (Our Lady of the Pillar), the Patroness of Spain. Around the age of nineteen or twenty, Miguel took a job as a farm worker for a maternal uncle, in the province of Valencia. At the end of July 1637, as he was leading two mules hauling a cart filled with wheat to the farm, he fell from the harness. One of the wheels of the cart passed over his leg, below the knee, fracturing his tibia.

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