Saturday, May 10, 2008

Miami - Commemoration of May 13, Our Lady of Fatima at St. Michael's


Procession and...



In Church...

The event received great promotion from local TV programs, the radio, newspaper,  and personal invitations -- it all contributed to bringing together a good number of people to Our Lady of Fatima. 

This was the third year, and the attendance is  growing every year.  Needless to say,  Our Lady was simply beautiful standing high amongst the crowd in a pedestal surrounded by flowers and people singing  Marian hymns to her during the procession.

Even more impressive, was  what took place inside the chapel immediately thereafter.  There's something about the Litanies that pleases Mary in a very special way.  As we recited them it seemed as if a  Divine grace captured the minds and hearts and voices of everyone present. 

There was a sense peace, harmony and disconnection from everything outside the doors of that chapel, which everyone felt.  It was  "out of this world"... 

The priest's homily, was the most heartfelt expression of priestly devotion to Mary that I have ever heard, in that he mentioned,  in simple, spontaneous words  details about the life of Mary and her role in the House of God. 

Even, the significant fact that the great majority of us didn't know, which is that when Columbus and his fleet were desperate and thought they were lost at sea, the first ship to discover and land America, was the "Santa Maria" ! 

These comments coincide with others made by numerous people right after the Mass ended who rushed to see and touch  Our Lady's image. I couldn't get to talk to the priest and congratulate him as he was surrounded by a lot of people and was blessing their rosaries.  

Congratulations to Mr. Sergio De Paz, Fatima Custodian for America Needs Fatima for bringing together such a wonderful event!

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