Monday, May 5, 2008

Petition drive to stop Our Lady from being dethroned…


Our sister group in Brazil, The Association of Fatima Devotees, has started a massive petition drive to stop a new bill in that country that aims to remove Our Lady’s title, “Patroness of Brazil.”

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The congressman Victorio Galli Filho is trying to have the title “Patroness of Brazil” officially scrapped from Our Lady Aparecida.

For centuries, Brazilians have venerated the Blessed Mother under the title Our Lady Aparecida, which in English means Our Lady who Appeared. In 1929, Pope Pius XI proclaimed Our Lady Aparecida as Queen of Brazil and the Official Patroness of that country.

Brazilians from all around the world are urged to sign a petition now to avoid this disgrace.

From Brazil, Virginia Groeninger, wrote:

“I ardently wish and fervently cry out to heaven asking that those who defame and curse our most dear little Mother, Mary Most Holy, be converted like St. Paul on the way to Damascus … that they fall from the horse and see the marvelous goodness of our beloved Mother and say YES to their salvation.”

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Time is of the essence.

Because the House bill to deny Our Lady Aparecida the title of Patroness of Brazil will be voted on in the Commission for Culture and Education. And according to article 24 of the internal code of the Brazilian Congress, this outrageous bill can be voted on without going for a full vote on the Congress floor.

In other words, this bill against Our Lady may be voted on at a time when only a small group of members of the Commission for Culture and Education are present in concert with congressman Victorio Galli.
And they could scrap Our Lady’s title of Patroness of Brazil.
So, please pray and offer sacrifices that this bill be stopped, and please tell any Brazilian you know to sign this petition NOW!

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