Friday, May 30, 2008

Virgin Mary statue untouched by fire

It's comforting to see statues of Our Lord and Our Lady remain untouched by fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.

I remember seeing a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus standing tall amid the wreckage of Katrina in New Orleans. These statues bear the silent message that says, "I Am what really counts. If you have Me, you have everything. Material things are nothing."

Another story from Maryland, shows the same thing. This time with a fire and an untouched statue of the Virgin Mary.

It happened on Tuesday morning. An arsonist set fire to an historic barn built in 1841.

But the statue of the Virgin Mary that stood next to the barn wall was untouched. Around the statue was scorched grass and blackened bits of wood.

According to an article in the Frederick News Post:

"While the barn burned, Newlon was able to find a sign of hope in the chaos.

"The family had a statue of the Virgin Mary up against a stone wall in the barn. Although flames surrounded her, "she was just as white as can be," Newlon said.

"She pointed out the statue to a firefighter who ran up to the barn and moved her to a safer location. "I know he must have burned his hands because she was hot," she said.
It was a gesture Newlon appreciated. "God has a purpose," Newlon said. "He will bring good out of it somehow."

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  1. She is out Refuge and will see us through everything and shelter us in her heart and mantle when all hell breaks loose (those who are dedicated to her honor and the glory of her Son!)