Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Well written! Inspiring! Yes, yes, yes!"

Please read comments sent to me by members of America Needs Fatima about our most recent Fatima book, and about some other ANF activities. 

And please feel free to write in and comment as well.

God bless you!

Robert Ritchie


"I want all my Catholic friends to have this book. How? I know the story and this is so important. Well written! Inspiring! Yes, yes, yes! Been doing and praying all of this for years and I’m 83!"


Grananda Hills, CA


"I received the booklet, Fatima: A Message More Urgent Than Ever. It is excellent. It is excellent. Enclosed is a donation to your great mission. I would like to get information on ordering more copies."

Father R.A.

Fort Atkinson, IA


"I have several books on Fatima. This was a great interest for me. Read it twice."


Dover, DE


"I received the parcel you sent me and I distributed to many people. They are all very beautiful. I am very grateful to you for your love and concern towards our parish and me. The people who received them are all daily praying for you. Please encourage us in our faith by supporting us now and then like this. I am daily praying for you. Please do remember us in your prayers."

Father Y.K.

Kanchikacherla, India


"I have been trying to say Rosaries every day for the success of the America Needs Fatima Rosary Rallies and for you Robert and for the Rosary Rally Captains and for your Custodians and for the success of the distribution of the Fatima booklets and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I have been saying Rosaries for that for a long time and I will continue! I know that God and the Blessed Mother will bless you all for what you are doing! And I praise and thank God and the Blessed Mother that I belong to the Fatima Program and that you brought the Blessed Mother her protection to our whole household."


La Puente, CA

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