Saturday, January 15, 2011

Birds fall dead from sky; surge in natural disasters worldwide – what is God saying?

The surge is natural disasters over the last few weeks has been so enormous, that is hard even to keep up with them all.

Deeper study on why the Voice of God is resounding in the recent catastrophes.

Let’s take a summary look at some of the major natural disasters to hit the world in the last few weeks:

- In Sicily, Mt. Etna blows, with a spectacular flow of lava.  More eruptions are expected.

- In Australia, floods cover parts of Queensland.  Death and destruction is unprecedented. 

- Floods have spread to the Southern part of Australia, where thousands of Victorian residents have been forced to flee their homes as rising waters yesterday wreaked havoc in one of the worst floods in the state's history.

- In Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is hit with terrible mudslides.  Over 1,000 deaths, which makes it the worst natural disaster in Brazil’s history.

- In Sri Lanka, more than one million people are cut off after a massive deluge.

- In the Philippines, 1.4 are displaced and several dead after huge flooding.

- In South Africa, heavy rains have provoked flooding, which has already killed 32 people.

- In the USA, 49 out of the 50 states currently have snow on the ground, even Hawaii.  70% of the USA surface is covered in snow.

- Residents in lower lying areas in Oregon are bracing for floods as warmer temperatures set in, rain begins, and snow melts.

- In Britain, there are flood warnings as snow and rain turn the climate from one extreme to the next.

- Wales and south west England were hit by floods and more rain is expected.

- In Europe, snow, ice and low temperatures, called "UNPRECEDENTED WEATHER" slows economic growth and shuts down some northern Europe's airports.

- Birds are falling dead from the sky in Italy, in Romania, in several states of the USA, in Britain, in Sweden, etc.

- Dead fish are washed ashore in Brazil, USA, New Zealand.

Deeper study on why the Voice of God is resounding in the recent catastrophes.

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