Sunday, January 9, 2011

Miami Catholics Protest Book Launching by Apostate Priest

The apostate Catholic priest Fr. Alberto Cutie was met by a peaceful and prayerful group of Catholics as he launched his new book "Dilemma" at the upscale Books & Books store in busy downtown Coral Gables, Florida.


Catholics stood in front of the bookstore and prayed the Rosary to oppose the book launching.   They held signs such as “We need Apostles, not Apostates.” 

Some of the reporters covering the book launching showed more interest in the peaceful Rosary rally outside than the Apostate Priest and his new "Dilemma" book inside.

As you may remember, the apostate Cutie was a very well known Catholic priest who had a popular radio program.  He abandoned the Catholic Church and become an Episcopalian to stay with the woman with whom he had been having an illicit affair while still an active Catholic priest.

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  1. Creo que todo el que vio el programa de Despierta america cuando hablo la sra, Cutie, tiene que pensar como yo--Si eres debil y haces lo que es incorrecto, no trates de callar tu conciencia, queriendo cambiar las leyes. Acepta tu error