Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This saint was jailed for having Catholic books

William Carter was born in London in the 16th century.  For many years, he worked as a printer of Catholic literature. When Elizabeth I came to the throne, she put into place a true Reign of Terror for Catholics, even signing the death warrant of her own cousin, Mary Queen of Scots.  William was imprisoned for printing Catholic pamphlets as well as for having Catholic books in his possession.

But he incurred the greatest tortures and finally death because he published works urging Catholics to keep their Faith. During these persecutions, many Catholics were martyred in order to advance Protestantism in England. William Carter made his confession to a priest who was also martyred.  They were hanged, drawn and quartered on January 11, 1584.

Today, Catholics are being mercilessly tortured and killed by sects all around the world just for professing the Faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

William gave his life to remain faithful and to encourage his fellow Catholics.  Here in the United States, martyrdom is not apparent yet, but there are many other threats to our faith.

Blasphemy is rampant and a general lack of Catholic principles abounds.  Catholic leaders are in short supply and a general state of mediocrity persists.  Let us pray to Our Lady for the grace of being a true apostle of Catholicism no matter the cost.

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