Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Saint Canutus, King of Denmark -- January 19

St. Canutus succeeded his brother, Harold, to become King of Denmark in 1080. 

He was unrivaled in ability and courage to rule while defeating barbarous hordes and implanting the Catholic faith in the conquered lands.  After several successful military campaigns, St. Canutus managed to provide a peaceful and secure state for his people.

Internally, he enacted severe and just laws repressing violence with all equanimity. He showed honor to the Church by supporting the faithful clergy, erecting churches and adorning them fittingly for the True Presence of Our Lord.  His subjects loved and revered him because of his charity and concern for their spiritual and temporal needs. 

St. Canutus cultivated all the virtues of a great King and Saint both in himself and in his subjects.  Angered by the holiness of St. Canutus and his work to establish a truly Catholic nation,  the devil inspired a rebellion against him.  After receiving the sacraments of Confession and Communion, St. Canutus was struck down by the enemies of Christ.  Recommending his soul to God, he expired.

Modern history tells of a very similar happening in nineteenth century Quito, Ecuador when its president, Garcia Moreno was killed by rebels after receiving the sacraments.  Evil men are very afraid of true Catholic leadership.

We should ask ourselves why this is so.  Our Lord was persecuted  and crucified because He was the Supreme Catholic Leader. 

Anyone who chooses to follow Him will also be persecuted.

Let us pray to St. Canutus to send us  Catholic leaders who will guide us through this moral quagmire and to pay strict attention to past Catholic leaders who gave us the blueprint for victory over evil.  May we be worthy followers.       

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