Monday, January 31, 2011

SAY NO to the blasphemous Jerry Springer: The Opera at the Beck Center for the Arts

Please join America Needs Fatima in a Rosary of Reparation outside the Beck Center on Friday, February 18th, against the blasphemies in the play Jerry Springer: The Opera.

             Way of the Cross

The “opera” defies description in detail since it contains so much nudity and blasphemous content.  Some examples include:

  • The crucifixion is mocked and the Eucharist is trashed
  • There is a lady singing “Jerry eleison” (mocking the Mass: Kyrie Eleison)
  • Jesus is introduced as “the hypocrite son of the fascist tyrant on high.” He wears a diaper, is fat and effeminate and later admits: “Actually, I am a bit gay.”
  • Eve gropes Jesus in a manner too indecent to describe while the Annunciation is described as a rape.
  • God is a fat man in a white suit who complains about being blamed for everyone’s problems. He invites Jerry Springer to join Him to “sit in Heaven beside me, hold my hand and guide me.” At the end, Jerry emerges as the true savior of mankind.

Throughout its history, the “opera” has earned its blasphemous reputation. In London, the debut was the subject of a libel suit for defaming Christians. When it was to be aired on the BBC, it drew more than 60,000 complaints. In face of such insults to the Faith, Catholics cannot remain silent. Please attend the public act of reparation:

Date: Friday, February 18

Time: 6-8:00 PM

Place: Beck Center for the Arts

17801 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

(Intersection with Webb Ave.)

For directions and information, please call Edward Ritchie at 717-632-3596.

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