Monday, January 31, 2011

Why conservative America should not follow Socialist Europe

There are certain healthy fibers of the American soul that are diametrically opposed to Socialism, and to everything that comes along with the Socialist mindset.

Perhaps it is better to refer to the Socialist personality, rather than to the Socialist mindset.  This is because Socialism, once accepted, permeates every aspect of the person.  So the personality is more profound than the mindset.

This is well explained in the booklet Exposing Socialism: The Errors of Russia, by Luis and Gustavo Solimeo. 

You can download a free copy here:

However, after this excellent booklet was written, other more recent aspects of the Socialist personality in Europe have surfaced, such as described in this article:


  1. I think there are elements of sharing, equality and sacrifice that are within the socialist structure that fall wholly inline with Jesus' teaching.

    I've never really felt that capitalism was the natural extension of Jesus' teaching, or that it underpinned what He taught us. He was very clear about not being tied to the possessions of this world.

    I think some of the criticisms people have of socialism are about certain liberal social policies, but the economic part of socialism seems to be much closer to Jesus' teaching.

    Not trying to stir the pot but questioning conventional belief.

  2. Socialism is an unnatural ideology and, therefore, cannot be in any way part of Our Lord's teachings.

    Two of the Ten Commandments forbid Socialism:

    Thou Shalt Not Steal

    Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Goods

    What the Catholic Church has always encouraged is voluntary charity, not the imposition of stealing.