Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12: St. Benedict Biscop -- The Warrior Who "Embellished"

St. Benedict Biscop was born in 628 and spent the first part of his
young life as a warrior and supporter of the King of England.  His prowess in battle won him much esteem in the royal circles.

After traveling to Rome, he decided to enter the monastic life of prayer and study.  Upon entering the Order of St. Benedict, he founded many monasteries, the most famous being St. Peter
of Wearmouth. 

Along with St. Theodore and St. Adrian, he endeavored with
great success to reform certain monasteries which had become lax.  He also introduced Roman music along with marvelous architecture and sacred painting including stain glass windows to the English Isle.

For the regularity of Catholic ceremony, he wrote the book called "On the Celebration of Feasts".  One could rightly say that St. Benedict "embellished"  the England of his time since the effect of the spiritual ambiances trickled down into the temporal ambiances. 

These embellishments were a fruit of the seriousness and
contemplation of St. Benedict's soul and they then spoke to the souls of those who saw them.  Such a work, or mission in this case, was also the reflection of the " warrior" in St. Benedict for its influence was so grandiose in bringing souls to the Faith.

Art in the hands of weak and timid men only produces decadent and immoral souls.

Let us ask St. Benedict for the grace of being a true "warrior" for
the Faith, knowing how to meditate to discern what should be loved and fought for.

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