Sunday, January 9, 2011

St. Adrian of Canterbury -- January 9

St. Adrian was a native of Greek speaking North Africa in the seventh century.  Noted for his learning and erudition, the Pope offered him the position of Archbishopric of Canterbury twice.

He declined the appointments, not feeling worthy of the honor. He was well versed in Scripture, Latin and Greek and was  an able administrator.  In time, he became the abbot of St. Augustine Abbey where he taught theology and various disciplines of science and literature.

Under his tutelage, many clerical scholars from home and abroad became well versed in the Faith at the School of Canterbury.  He worked to unify the customs of the English with the Roman Catholic Church. His body was found incorrupt in 1091.  Many miracles have occurred at his tomb.

St. Adrian shows us the importance of learning as a means of spreading the faith.  Let us ask St. Adrian to be diligent in learning more and more about our faith and to be zealous in bringing it to others.

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