Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Saint Was Saved By Spiders

                  January 14 -- St. Felix of Nola   

St. Felix was born in the third century and was ordained by St. Maximus, Bishop of Nola. 

Although St. Maximus had fled the persecution of Emperor Decius, the emperor had St. Felix scourged and imprisoned in his place. By the grace of God, an angel appeared to Felix at night and said: “Go help Maximus who is dying from cold and hunger.”

Miraculously, Felix's chains fell off, the door of the prison opened, and the saint rushed to help the poor bishop. The emperor’s men were amazed to find Saint Felix’ cell empty. They set out desperately searching for him.  Felix hid in a vacant building and the spiders wove webs across its porthole to cover any signs of his entrance.  God saved the saint once again.

A pagan priest approached St. Felix and said: "Sir, my god saw you coming and fled.  I asked him why he fled and he answered: 'I cannot bear Felix' holiness!'  Therefore, if my god fears you so much, how much more should I fear you!"  The pagan converted.
Why was St. Felix so holy? He had unfailing dedication to his mission on earth which was God's Will for him.  He fulfilled God's Will by his commitment to the service of the Church and his courage in the face of persecution.  Let us ask Our Lady for these virtues.

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  1. Hello Mr. Ritchie,
    I thought you might like to know my daughter has just illustrated a picture book about this saint. 'Saint Felix and the Spider' is available on Amazon. God bless!