Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Double standard in the way businesses treats Muslims and Catholics -- remember the Da Vinci Code?



October 20, 2008

Sony's shameful surrender to Islam

Sony have given in to Islam. There had been barely a murmur of protest, but because the soundtrack to its new game LittleBigPlanet contained to Koran verses - including the line 'Every soul shall have the taste of death' - the manufacturers have withdrawn the game and are going to change the soundtrack. Frightened of the words being taken literally perhaps. ElderofZiyon has the details. This stinks, it really does. Regular readers of this blog will remember the story we broke about Sony's shoot-em-up game that showed a lethal gun fight in the nave of Manchester Cathedral. Manchester is a centre of gun crime and campaigning against this is a central plank of the cathedral's mission. Despite requests and protests from Christian groups, Sony refused to withdraw the game. Why so craven when it comes to Islam, so contemptuous when it comes to Christianity? My advice? Stick with Nintendo.

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We could add that despite the tremendous worldwide Catholic protest against Sony's blasphemous Da Vinci Code movie, Sony carried on as if nothing was going on.

Imagine if that had been a movie against Mohammed?

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