Thursday, October 30, 2008

Get ready for rosary rallies 2009 -- look what one rally captain did in 2008...

Caroline Kuhn from the Las Vegas Nevada area organized multiple rallies throughout the Las Vegas metropolitan area. 

    One can see that she went through tremendous efforts to make the rallies in her area as successful as possible.  Besides that, Caroline volunteered at our local office in Kansas placing calls unceasingly.

    Here are some samples of all of the work that Caroline put into her rally.  Here is the beautiful invitation, the program and the Do's and Don'ts.  The Do's and Don'ts was an excellent tool of both positive things that the participants should do during the rally as well as things they should avoid doing.  All of these combined efforts demonstrate the seriousness with which Caroline undertook the rallies.

    Miss Fiedler from Stevens Point Wisconsin organized a good size rally with 62 in attendance.  Miss Fiedler repeatedly mailed out invitations to churches, advertised in newspapers and even on the radio.  May Our Lady truly reward both Caroline and Miss Fiedler for all of their efforts, as well as all rally captains and participants!


14 Do’s and Don’ts for the Public Rosary

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Set-up time at the rally locations should start no later than 11:30 AM so someone will be there for early arrivals. The Rosary prayers will start promptly at 12 Noon local time.

1. Safety-Safety-Safety! - Please form a single line on the public sidewalk, far from the road. Keep a watchful eye on the safety of everyone around you - pedestrians, fellow rosary participants, yourselves, especially children if present.

2. Keep the banner up and stretched out - If it gets windy and the banner starts to pull and keep you off-balance or unsteady on your footing, please roll up the banner and set it aside until the wind subsides. The banners should be held up supported by at least 3 people, one on each end of the banner and another at the center.

3. Do not disrupt the normal flow of traffic - Make sure the public rosary does not block pedestrians or vehicles, nor obstruct their view of the traffic. Pedestrians must have enough room to pass through the sidewalk. We cannot have them walk on the street or get into an accident because we’re blocking their use of the sidewalk.

4. Stay on the public sidewalk - Make sure that rally participants do not step on the street or on private property during the event.

5. Pass the attendance sheet - Print the attached Rosary Rally Attendance Sheet and fill in your name as the Rally Captain. Make several copies, pass them around before and after the Public Rosary. Request attendees to fill in their names and contact information. Passing out several sheets will make the process go faster. Please collect them all after the event.

6. Take pictures – If at all possible, take 2 or 3 pictures with everyone in it including the banner. Designate only one person to take pictures and remind him/her NOT to step on the road while taking pictures.

7. Use the Public Rosary Program - Print the attached Public Rosary Program and Prayers and distribute to the attendees. You may modify it as you please but as a minimum, a full rosary (5 decades) of the Blessed Virgin Mary must be prayed. We also recommend starting with the Offering Prayer and concluding with Consecration to Jesus through Mary. If at all possible, include the Divine Praises and the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary. You may pray additional mysteries if time permits.

8. Use Bullhorn or Megaphone - All participants must be able to hear you the prayers. If you do not have a bullhorn or megaphone to use, have every 3rd person in the line to lead the prayers, and the rest to respond to the prayers. If the leader uses a bullhorn or megaphone, he/she should walk back-and-forth from one end to the other of the line so people can hear the prayers better.

9. Distribute Rosaries and "How to Pray the Rosary" Leaflets to the Public - Attendees are expected to bring their own rosaries. Rosaries and the “How To Pray The Rosary” leaflet should be given to others (public) who would like to learn how to pray the rosary.

10. The Public Rosary must be Orderly, Peaceful, and Show Reverence - As we stand on the public square in prayer, we are representing our Catholic Faith and our Church. Our actions, words, and countenance should embody true discipleship in Christ, in humility, faithfulness, and love for Our Lord, Our Blessed Mother, and our brothers and sisters.

11. Be Visible - Participants should not be covered by the banner or the hand-held signs.

12. Leave the rosary location as you found it - Please do not leave any paper or anything after the rally that the city may have to clean-up. The city will charge us heavily if they have to pick up anything we leave behind at the rally location.

13. Call me if any problem arises - We pray that there will not be any problems or incidents during the public rosary event. But if any arises, please call me at my cell phone (702) 274-4714.

14. Please send me the completed Attendees Sheet and copies of pictures/video footage taken at your rosary location.

THANK YOU for your great love and sacrifice for Our Blessed Mother! May She bless our offering and make it fruitful, bringing repentance and conversion, and ultimately, the triumph of the Her Immaculate Heart.

In Jesus and Mary,
Caroline Kuhn

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