Thursday, October 23, 2008

Please see these wonderful pictures from the Rosary Rallies

Thank you so much for having our report and pictures posted on your blog.  It's truly an honor.  We join you in prayers that Our Lord may permit us to hold a worldwide public rosary crusade next year.  That would be so awesome! 


Here attached are pictures taken at the Suncoast and Children's Public Rosary led by Mrs Liza Barte. 


Also included are pictures of the Westcliff Dr. public rosary led by Mrs. Kim Thomas.  The American flags and the signs that you see reflect the people's urgent plea to Heaven for the help that our nation so desperately needs now.  

Zooming in on the pictures, their signs read the following petitions:


'We pray for all of our Military and their Families'

'We pray for all Americans in Financial Crisis'

'We pray for our Youth and Elderly'


If you could please include these pictures also for posting on the ANF website PSR pictures gallery, we'd be very grateful for that too.

God bless you and the wonderful work that you do for Our Lord and Our Lady.

In Jesus and Mary,
Caroline Kuhn

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