Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fatima Statue 'Blesses' Wedding Anniversary

Fatima Home Visit Held in Conjunction With Wedding Anniversary   

    Recently, a host and hostess in San Antonio Texas had a Fatima Home Visit.  As part of their program for their home visit, they celebrated their fifteenth wedding anniversary. 

image Forty five guests joined them in welcoming Our Lady and celebrating their anniversary.  I can think of no better way to celebrated such a milestone, than with the presence of Our Lady, after all Our Lord's first public miracle was at a wedding reception and performed at the request of Our Lady.

    This couple used this time not only to celebrate such a wonderful event with Our Lady, but also to do good to others.  One of the guests who attended was a family with a twenty eight year old daughter who suffers from a brain tumor, also attending was a neighbor whose husband had suffered from a stroke.

    This couple used such a happy occasion to practice authentic Catholic charity, which I am sure pleased Our Lady very much!

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