Sunday, November 14, 2010

ANF Family well after accident; prayers still welcome…

This is a follow up to today’s earlier post about the family that got hit by a city mass transit bus immediately after attending a Rosary Rally in Kansas City.


“Please keep us still in your prayers.  We are still quite sore, but Thanks be to God my Mother was wearing a seat belt (since most of the impact was on her side), for I don’t believe she would be alive.

“The impact was so strong that I hit my head and right arm on the side door. The woman was driving the bus came flying down the parking lot, turning left and was looking right. She never slowed down. 


“We were able to drive home & the hood of the engine remained locked the whole time! The bus had to call a town truck.

“A friend was very kind to stay around in case we needed a ride home. Due to the Kansas law (no fault law), no tickets were issued because it was on private property and so no fault (though it’s 100% her fault).

“We only have liability on it, not full coverage. One other thing, the office told us that he just came from another accident that involved a bus, a car, & a parking lot, but the man in the car had to go to the hospital!  Please do continue your prayers. My father faired the best in this all, but he’s still sore too.”

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