Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 22 -- St. Cecilia

St. Cecilia, a Roman martyr, is generally considered the patroness of musicians.  Often she is represented playing heavenly music on an organ while surrounded by a host of angels, even though there is no record of Cecilia's musical ability.

It seems that this representation has developed as a result of her incredible martyrdom.  History does record that Cecilia was beheaded for her Faith.  Her executioner failed to completely sever her head after three blows. 

In fear, he fled.  But Cecilia lingered in this state for three days only to "sing the praises of the Lord" and so exhort all those around her to embrace the Catholic Faith.

Truly, this can only be termed "heavenly music".

Even though, God may not call us to martyrdom, we should strive to follow St. Cecilia by taking every opportunity to influence others to the Catholic Faith, especially when we, ourselves, are undergoing trials.

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