Friday, November 19, 2010

Protest blasphemous statue of Our Lady wrapped in a giant condom!!!

Warning: Caution.  This news is very disturbing.

Protest this blasphemous statue NOW.

According to press reports, there is a statue of the Blessed Mother on display in the meeting hall of the Lower Austrian Diet, in Austria... it's being called the "Condom Madonna" because it is wrapped in a giant condom and sperm.

This is shocking.  Outrageous.  Terribly blasphemous!

The statue was designed by the Australian "artist" Mark Rossell.

Protest this blasphemous statue NOW.

This is a horrific insult to the Most Pure and Immaculate Mother of God.

And it tramples on the religious beliefs of millions of Catholics, because Our Lady is the Mother of God and ours, who is spotless and free of sin and blemish.

Thank God, our sister organization in Austria is working hard to protest this horrific blasphemy.  Now, it is up to you and me to spread this peaceful protest all over the world.

Protest this blasphemous statue NOW.

Please offer prayers of reparation for this terrible blasphemy.

Fatima Prayers of Reparation

Act of Reparation to the Blessed Virgin Mary

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