Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 28 -- St. Catherine Laboure.

Most Catholics know that Our Lady appeared to  St. Catherine Laboure  and  gave her  the task of having the Miraculous Medal struck and distributed throughout the world. 

What is not known however is that it took 46 years for this information to be known by her own superior.  St. Catherine truly lived a "hidden" life, a life for God alone.  Her day to day tasks were sanctified by her fidelity to her vocation even though she never worked a miracle nor did she accomplish feats of unusual grandeur. 

Nonetheless, she did practice heroic virtue within the monotony of everyday life.  For this she had total confidence in Our Lady.  After losing her mother at 9 years of age, Catherine went to her room, stood on a chair, took Our Lady's statue into her arms and kissed it while, saying :  "Now , dear Lady, you are to be my mother." 

And the bond was never severed. In fact, we know that Our Lady took care of this child for the rest of her life and showered upon her extraordinary graces.

Can we also ask Our Lady to be our own Mother as well?  She will NEVER reject our plea.

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