Monday, November 22, 2010

‘Transgender’ student attacks Genocide Awareness Project

by Matt Anderson

  • FORT WAYNE, Indiana, November 19, 2010 ( – On November 2, a student at the Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) violently attacked a pro-life display set up by the campus group Students for Bio-Ethical Reform. The display, part of the larger Genocide Awareness Project, uses graphic pictures to draw a connection between abortion and past forms of genocide.

The student, who suffers from gender confusion or “transgenderism,” said his name was Tara Boes. He jumped the barriers around the display at IPFW and started dismantling the pictures. However, at one point Boes broke off part of a metal pole and, according to a volunteer, began “to swing it around and at the display. One volunteer was elbowed in the eye and the other was hit by the pole.”

Mark Harrington, the executive director of The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Midwest, which put up the display, said that initially the volunteers were not going to interfere with Boes. Harrington went on to say, though, that “when the student appeared willing to endanger the staff, we had to get involved and call the campus police,” according to the IPFW Communicator.

“We don’t protect equipment … because the equipment can be replaced,” Harrington said. “But when it comes to someone physically harming someone we obviously have a right to protect ourselves or to protect other people.”

Volunteers then called university police, who took Boes into custody. In a video of the incident posted by the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, Boes is seen initially refusing to speak with the officers.  However, he eventually gives the officers his name. According to the Communicator, one of the display volunteers hurt in the attack is pressing charges.

In a later interview with the Communicator, Boes compared the unborn child to a “parasite,” and said that he became enraged when he saw abortion being compared to the lynching of African Americans. “Approaching the display, I started to feel really physically ill. I thought it was really disgusting that someone would compare abortion to genocide. To compare a woman ridding her body of a parasite to a lynching – that’s pretty disgusting.”

Boes complained that when he was taken into custody, his “gender identity” as a woman was not “respected” and that he was “forced to sleep in a cell with two naked men.”

However, he expressed regret for his actions because of the legal repercussions that resulted.

“Yeah, I regret what I did…  I have legal fines to pay. I am being charged with battery and criminal mischief … none of that stuff is really worth what happened.”

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