Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 29 -- St. Saturninus

St. Saturninus was martyred in the 3rd century because his virtue and presence caused demons who resided in idols to become mute.

To a 21st century man, this is certainly very curious.  Most people today are not aware that pagans actually were verbally instructed by demons during the time of Our Lord's presence on earth.

File:Saturninus vignay.jpg

One could ask:  "Why do things like this no longer happen?  First, when one defends good and fights evil, there are certain devils who become mute and can no longer help the enemy. 

In some sense, something similar happens as did when St. Saturninus confronted evil by his presence, but it is not an obvious supernatural manifestation. 

Someone could object:  "If God would work more miracles then the world would convert."  

Did not Our Lady appear at Fatima and give the world the solution for conversion?  How many complied?  The statue of Our Lady of Fatima cried human tears in New Orleans in 1972 and this was proven by NASA test results.  How many changed their lives?

We should ask Our Lady, through the intercession of St. Saturninus to shorten these terrible  times and to permit the triumph of good over evil for the greater glory of God.

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