Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Urgent Action Item: Help Save Our Precious Military Honor

Don’t let the Lame Duck Congress repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Please call and tell your Senators to Vote "No" on the repeal. America’s future depends on it!

Listing of your Senator's Phone Number

As expected, Harry Reid is trying to use the lame duck session of Congress to push through a repeal of the law signed by President Bill Clinton that prohibits homosexuals from openly serving in the U.S. military.

This treats honor, tradition, and distinctions between virtue and vice; truth and error; good and evil, so inherent to the military condition, as if they are irrelevant.

Listing of your Senator's Phone Number

The military profession demands decisiveness in action. It is being asked to open its doors to the ambiguous bisexual and “transgendered” soldier.

There are reports that higher military authorities have already informed officers that they must accept the decision or be labeled bigots and face expulsion.

Added to the stress of combat, our soldiers will soon be forced to take extreme care to avoid any act, gesture or comment that might be construed as “discrimatory” toward the “new privileged class” of homosexuals who will enter the military ready to report any “bigotry.”

Moreover, Chaplains face major problems since they must deal with the sin of homosexual acts.

The service generals have all expressed major reservations about the move and its effect on morale.

So please call both of your Senators today to urge them in the strongest possible terms to vote “No” on any repeal effort.

Listing of your Senator's Phone Number

Thank you!


Here are some suggested talking points for your phone call:

Hello, my name is ___________________ and I’m calling to urge Senator (name) to vote NO on the Repeal of the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy.

As my representative, I want Senator (name) to represent my deeply held religious beliefs NOT to allow homosexuals to serve openly in the military.

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