Monday, November 29, 2010

Shocking Blasphemous Super Bowl Commercial Submitted

Pepsi and Doritos are offering a 5 million dollar reward to the person who submits the winning commercial for the 2011 Super Bowl.

All submissions go under review and six finalists will be selected on 1/3/11 and polled on USA Today Ad Meter.  As I said, the winner gets a 5 million prize, so big dollars are riding on this contest.

A terribly blasphemous commercial was submitted.  It blasphemes the Holy Eucharist in a similar way that the Hyundai ad did for the World Cup in soccer not too long ago.

The commercial is booked under the title on Facebook as “Feed your flock.”

Please offer prayers and sacrifices in reparation for this horrific blasphemy.  


  1. Thank you for posting this Mr Ritchie! I couldnt agree more

  2. Great News! Thanks to all the phone calls, prayers and comments, Pepsi has informed a friend that the commercial didnt make the cut. I still need to verify this but it's great news. Thanks for your help. ~ Victoria Gisondi

  3. I just read the rules - they actually announce the decision on the top ten commercials on Jan 3rd. Then the voting opens to the public.

  4. I was wrong. I just went on the website, go to galleries and then type in "feed your flock" and the commercial shows up. I know this is not the property of Pepsi but they have the authority to pull this commercial and disqualify it. Just imagine if a commercial was antagonistic to gays. Would it still be on the website? Pepsi owns the website and it is BS that they can't do anything about it. PLEASE contact them again and ask them to disqualify it. Pass it on to your friends. Thank you!

  5. Found the original 60 second version that may air on Superbowl Sunday!

    Feed Your Flock

  6. Heard a rumor that in spite of the protests, this one might be named one of the finalists.