Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fatima statue in home -- "most beautiful experience we have ever had."

The below is a note from a family that received a Fatima visit from Auxiliary Custodians, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, last night in Brooklyn, NY. 

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"Dear Michael and Jenny:

"I hope you had a safe and pleasant ride back home last night.  

"We were all deeply moved by last night's rosary session.  Having Our Lady in our home is the most beautiful experience we have ever had.

"Mary is resting comfortably, today.  Our wish is that Our Lady will take her peacefully home to her rightful place in Heaven.  She was a great lady, herself and deserves nothing less.

"I'm sure that your lives will be rich in blessings from all the work you do, in bringing peace and happiness into so many households.  We will never forget your kindness in making the necessary last minute arrangements, to bring Our Lady to our mom.  You can be assured that Mary will ask Our Lady to watch over you and your family, when she meets her face to face.

"I will speak with you next week.  May God bless you and your family always!


N.F. & Family

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