Monday, August 24, 2009

Stories, graces, ideas: Best from the Rosary Rallies

The amazing things you learn putting on a rosary rally!


Well, thanks to Our Lady, we’ve already signed up more than 2,000 rally captains!

And in the process of recruiting these wonderful people, I’ve heard some truly marvelous stories, graces and ideas that I’d like to share with you.

They will surely inspire you to be a rosary rally captain for the Blessed Mother, if you have not yet signed up.

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Marvelous story: how Our Lady answers our prayers

Bill is a volunteer at our rosary rally center in Kansas. He is a convert from Alabama. He told us this beautiful story.

He had just called a lady on the phone, and asked her to become a rosary rally captain. She answered that her husband had recently died. 

And that she had just been writing her thoughts on paper to her deceased husband telling him that without him she was looking for some kind of work to serve Our Lady.  As she was writing this, Bill, our volunteer called and she answered. 

She happily signed up to become a rally captain.  Our Lady responded so fast to her earnest desire that she didn't even have to finish her letter, before America Needs Fatima called on behalf of Our Lady.

This is an example of the importance of the work of the Public Square Rosary.  Our Lady desires that we offer prayer and reparation to Her Immaculate Heart.  She desires this so much, that sometimes She acts in marvelous ways as with the above rally captain. 

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Graces: A rally captain overcomes human respect

   A rally captain from two years ago was contacted by one of our volunteers.  She was not a rally captain last year.  Let me tell you about the grace she received this year.

    During her rally in 2007 a man approached her who was quite aggressive in his opposition to the Rosary Rally.  The rally captain, who was a lady, felt very intimidated by his words.  As a result, she declined becoming a rally captain in 2008.  Sometime after the 2008 Public Rosary, she saw one of the pictures of Our Lady of Fatima, and she was filled with remorse for declining out of human respect.

    She then vowed, that she would never again refuse Our Lady's request!  She was so happy to have the opportunity to publicly stand for Our Lady this year.

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Ideas: Ways to get more people to your rosary rally

    As every experienced rally captain knows, not everyone who is invited to participate in our public rosary shows up.      

    Two of our volunteers at our local Public Square Rosary campaign office shared some wonderful ideas as to how they enlist participants for their public rosary, and how they help to ensure that they show up. I thought I would share this idea with you.

    They ask each participant days ahead of time to lead a decade of the rosary at the rally.  If there are more than 15, they ask several to lead a decade together. Once they commit days ahead of the rally, obviously they are more likely to have the courage to attend and participate.

    What a wonderful way to encourage other Catholics to join in with the public square rosary.  I am sure that they leave at the end very happy to have participated.

* * *

Please God, I pray – may the stories, graces and ideas in this progress report inspire you to be a rally captain too.

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And in gratitude, I will have a red rose placed in your name at the very spot where our Lady appeared in Fatima, Portugal.

The sooner you start, the better your rally will be. And if you have questions, you can visit our rally captain sign up page at:

GO HERE to become a rally captain.

Or you can call 866-584-6012, or write to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Know that Our Lady will help you to do a great job with your rally. And I am already praying every night that many others join your rally and pray the rosary with you on October 10, 2009, at noon local time.

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